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Our Story

As new fathers, OfferUp founders Nick Huzar and Arean van Veelen suddenly found themselves with more stuff than they wanted and less stuff than they needed. They weren’t alone. Americans spend trillions of dollars each year on new stuff, billions each year on storage units, and every day, they throw tons of their stuff away.

In all that buying, storing, and tossing, Nick and Arean
saw opportunity.

Could a new kind of local marketplace bring people together to get more value out of all that stuff? Could that value exchange start with something as simple as a photo from a smartphone? Inspired to reimagine the model for local, peer-to-peer commerce, Nick and Arean founded OfferUp, a marketplace on a mission to become the simplest, most trustworthy place for people to buy and sell locally.

Nick Huzar, CEO
Arean van Veelen, CTO

A Better Way to Buy and Sell

OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace in the U.S.
Top 3 App
In Shopping Category
$14 Billion
In Transactions this Year
App of Year
23+ Million

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