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Beaded Something Blue Wedding Medicine Bag


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Posted 12 months ago in Anchorage, AK

Condition: New

Wedding - Accessories - Something blue

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Beaded Something Blue Wedding Medicine Bag
Beaded Something Blue Wedding Medicine Bag

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Medium blue


One-of-a-Kind Beaded Silk Something Blue Medicine Bag/Charm! Also available via Square- To Tlingits, the world is filled with spirits that can manifest their powers through anything. Therefore we’re taught to always respect everything that exists around us. Each medicine bag is specifically created for the person that’s ordering one, and every stitch is empowered and blessed with my Ixt. Ixt is Tlingit for Spirit Healer, Healing Energy. Medicine bags are believed to be a container of wisdom, healing, inspiration, power and is a form of medicine. They are designed to empower and protect the person’s physical and spiritual wellbeing. I have always been an Empath, and have other abilities as well. I started creating medicine bags for family & friends that were experiencing negative spirits, aka hauntings. I’m also very artistic & always channeling energy into creating unique works of art. This piece is made specifically with weddings in mind, created with Royal Blue charmeuse silk. This medicine bag contains the following properties: *Good Luck & Positive Energy- Helps attract and draw in good energy, spiritual healing energy, positive encounters & events, also helps foster the growth of positive energy & karma. *Calming & Relaxing- Helps the wearer retain their spiritual balance after stressful events, helps deflect negative energy (especially good for people who are Sensitives), helps promote emotional and spiritual healing & attracts and draws in good, beneficent energy. *Healing & Balancing- Helps the wearer recover and rejuvenate their health & spiritual energy, especially after stressful events; empowers or awakens any innate abilities the wearer may have; promotes spiritual & physical well-being; helps attract good, beneficent spirits/spirit-guides. *Charisma & Charm- helps elevate the person’s natural charisma, allurement & charm. Also helps invigorate & restore the bonds of Love. Each piece is carefully handcrafted with 12mm weight charmeuse silk along with other natural materials; except the hand-embroidered artwork & beadwork is created with multicolored, multi-textured manmade threads and glass beads. Each one also contains: gemstones, semiprecious gemstones, crystals, dried sacred botanicals, blessed salts, sacred ashes, written prayers & empowered objects. Aatlein Gunalchéesh, (Tlingit- Thank You Very Much) Tsoonklah K. (Legal Stuff/Disclaimer- Outcome/s are not guaranteed, products made by Tsoonklah T. K. are a spiritual tool created with only good intentions to aid others on their spiritual path. Damages occurring during shipping are not Tsoonklah’s responsibility (however every item will be shipped with extreme care) and am not liable for item/s after they were shipped to the buyer/s. May not use artwork, name/s or images without Tsoonklah’s permission please. Sorry, no refunds.)

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