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Yamaha Virago Trike for Sale in Paragould, AR - OfferUp
Yamaha Virago Trike
Yamaha Virago Trike
Yamaha Virago Trike




Your going to have to read this to understand what your looking at so read carefully, it's a 1981 Buick Skylark Engine on an 80's Ford Ranger rear-end with a 1983 Yamaha Virago front-end; not what I wanted when I bought it. I wanted a Volkswagen Trike and was told this was the case when I laid down $3,900.00 to buy it, serial number's told a different story after looking it over. Now we get to the fun part folk's, I have gotten some ride time on it and it is fun and very powerful for sure but it has an issue that will have to be addressed before you will be riding. For some reason it kills Alternators which means the battery is right after that, I have bought two Alternators and Batteries before running out of money and could not go get more; so that will be something you'll have to fix for sure. Now for the good news this year I fixed the battery and Alternator and they did survive long enough to make an appearance at the Angel Run and it does grab people's attention wherever it goes, people ask questions and cheer and yell at it; it is a star in its own right. Also this year I spent quite a bit getting it ready to go before it killed another brand new Alternator and Battery, thing's you'll appreciate having done so you won't have to do any of it; the following has been done for you. 1. New Plugs 2. New Plug Wire's 3. New Air Filter's 4. New Ignition 5. New Rims on back 6. Complete Oil Change 7. New Fuel Line With the batteries and Alternators I'm $1,000.00 more into it at this point since buying it, I'm no longer comfortable spending more on it at this time; someone with actual Mechanical experience can get it fixed and done and love it the way it should be but I can't. I'm looking to get my $3,900.00 back to one day get something else but also to pay bill's that have come up, I'm not taking less, I'm not going to negotiate price is firm; and I'm not trading it either. I have a clear title for it, can't be test driven because it killed another Alternator and Battery; and it'll take a big trailer to haul it home. Cash only no Checks and not accepting payments through any apps. Don't message me about fixing it or telling me what the problem is I've had people tell me it's a simple fix and what they think it is but wouldn't help me fix it or point it out so I could and I'm just done honestly. First Cash gets it no holds! I talked to a mechanic just outside of Paragould who was 100% adamant this was an issue with the groundwork, he had no doubt that this was the problem; apparently not an expensive fix but due to debts owed right now I cannot fix it otherwise I would not be selling it. I have ridden it more than once and it is scary powerful, and it gets alot of attention with people cheering and commenting on it everywhere I go on it.

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Yamaha Virago Trike



Posted 3 months ago in Paragould, AR

Condition: Used (normal wear)

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