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Glitter ✨
Glitter ✨
Glitter ✨


Let’s get sparkling ✨ Add dazzling shimmer and dimension to any art, craft, or decoration project with our super shiny and sparkly extra fine / chunky/ prints glitter. Ideal for a variety of crafting projects, DIY decorations, and embellishments, is a perfect tool to sparkle up your creativity Package in 1oz / 2oz Ask for price You can use this glitter for: - Tumbler Making - Candles - Resin Art and Crafts - Handmade Soaps - Kids Crafts - Slime Making - Card Making - Confetti - Cosmetics & Makeup - Lip-gloss

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Glitter ✨



Ships for $3.49

Posted 28 days ago in Inglewood, CA

Condition: New

Collectibles & Art - Arts & Crafts supplies



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