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Harry Styles Tickets : WARNING for Sale in Wake Forest, NC - OfferUp

Harry Styles Tickets : WARNING ⚠️


Last updated 4 months ago in Wake Forest, NC

Condition: New

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Harry Styles Tickets : WARNING ⚠️
Harry Styles Tickets : WARNING ⚠️
Harry Styles Tickets : WARNING ⚠️

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It has come to my attention that there is another person on this site AND Craigslist trying to sell MY tickets. If you see someone else with the same screenshots of tickets as these they are fake. He copied my pictures. If you are interested I am happy to talk to you on the phone, FaceTime or whatever. I took pictures of my family and I at the airport this am headed out of town and I can share those as well. Please be careful, so many scammers on these sites. These are really good seats we bought before the pandemic. We will be out of town for this rescheduled date 😢 Easy transfer right to your phone. Venmo

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