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1952 Spartan Spartanette for Sale in Lynnwood, WA - OfferUp

1952 Spartan Spartanette



Last updated 4 months ago in Lynnwood, WA

Condition: Other (see description)

Vehicles - Campers & RVs - Towable travel trailers

1952 Spartan Spartanette
1952 Spartan Spartanette
1952 Spartan Spartanette
1952 Spartan Spartanette
1952 Spartan Spartanette
1952 Spartan Spartanette
1952 Spartan Spartanette
1952 Spartan Spartanette
1952 Spartan Spartanette

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Rare decent body and shell, interior partially gutted. All original. Bought to restore, too many other projects in front of this one = your gain. Price reflects appearance, but she's much more underneath. Sitting untouched for over 10 years, still ready for adventure. Nice looking straight body and frame. Needs a good clean out, but the bones are all here. Mostly good undamaged metal outside. Lots of potential. A good candidate for restoring. Very large interior. We were going to turn her into a video/music recording studio. Better for a liver' than a tower'. Exterior Condition Notes: Very good exterior condition, except for a 6” hole up front near the tongue (shown in picts). Missing some glass from windows, but it's much easier to replace than an Airstream's. Just unscrew the frame and slip in the sized pieces. A few small bowed-in areas can be suctioned back out. Interior Layout / Sleeping Areas: Front living and kitchen. Interior Condition Description: Partially gutted. Sub Floor and Floor Coverings: Solid flood. Plywood-covered. Appliances - Whats included and operating condition?: Period-correct fridge and stove. Untested. Plumbing System and Condition including Hot Water Heater: Unknown. Bathroom Layout and Condition - - Wet Bath? Bath Tub? Shower?: Bath tub Air Conditioning? Number and Location?: Pre-AC. Has several roof vents instead. Electrical System Notes Including Solar: Unknown. Rolling Gear - Tires / Brakes / Bearings - Age, Condition, Service History: Brakes worked when parked. Has sat on tires over 10 years, will need new rubber. Price reflects this. Signal and Marker Lights Working? Pigtail Cable? Ready to Tow?: Worked when parked. Accessories Included with Sale?: Extra oven, and counter tops, + sink. Ownership History: Owned over 15 years. Current Registration?: No TRADES CONSIDERED. Located in Rice, WA. About an hour north of Spokane. Trailer has not been off our private property in years, so we haven't needed to register it. Our title and last registration is over 10 years old, so WA DMV requires a State Patrol inspection to get a new title. It's easy, just call the State Patrol and make an appointment with them. (You will get a bill of sale with all our info). Here's the DMV website explaining how:$deeplink_path=/redirect/ If you are after something more ready to go, check out our other 2 vintage Airstreams parked a few feet from this one:$deeplink_path=/redirect/ info removed).html

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