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Lovepedal Deluxe


Posted 3 months ago in Rialto, CA

Condition: Used (normal wear)

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Lovepedal Deluxe
Lovepedal Deluxe
Lovepedal Deluxe
Lovepedal Deluxe


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This is a rare version of the lovepedal deluxe brownface. It has a double gain stage similar to the old DOD top end boost function (the gain knob has a max gain boost function when you turn the gain knob all the way up) It is meant to emulate a Fender Brownface, the rarest of all vintage Fenders, Tweed, Brownface, Blackface, Silveface, which a ton of famous guitarists used, the most iconic probably being Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. Retains the character from the old tweed amps that went on to be emulated by Marshalls while combining that with the clean, hi-fi and pristine tone of the Blackfaces, for perhaps the ultimate Fender tone. Has treble and bass for massive tone shaping like the old Fender amps and a gain structure emulating those large Fender amps. Runs from 9-18V for more sag and crunch like the Tweeds, to headroom and clarity like the Blackfaces. Works amazing with different pickups, Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, single coils or humbuckers, this pedal works with them all and still sounds good! If you're looking for a Fender in a box, this overdrive would definitely cover most ground

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