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3xBank Sealed Half Dollar Roll for Sale in Terre Haute, IN - OfferUp

3xBank Sealed Half Dollar Roll


Ships for $7.99

Last updated 3 months ago in Terre Haute, IN

Condition: Used (normal wear)

Collectibles & Art - Collectibles

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3xBank Sealed Half Dollar Roll
3xBank Sealed Half Dollar Roll
3xBank Sealed Half Dollar Roll

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3xUnsearched Bank Sealed Half Dollar Roll Nothing is guaranteed This is an unsearched roll of half dollars. Possible silvers possible error coins This is a random roll you will not get the roll photoed Possible 90% or 40% silvers Things to look for S half’s, silver coins, error coins, Halves minted 2003 and up were not released for circulation, Franklin halves, Barber halves,Walking liberty halves.. possibilities are endless

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