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Live Baby Guppy Fish! (Rare Traited) for Sale in Charlotte, NC - OfferUp

Live Baby Guppy Fish! (Rare Traited)


Ships for $14.49

Last updated 2 months ago in Charlotte, NC

Condition: New

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Live Baby Guppy Fish! (Rare Traited)
Live Baby Guppy Fish! (Rare Traited)
Live Baby Guppy Fish! (Rare Traited)
Live Baby Guppy Fish! (Rare Traited)
Live Baby Guppy Fish! (Rare Traited)

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LIVE rare traited guppy fish baby’s! Every 6 you get you get 1 free! The shipping cost is a one time fee no matter how many fish that you get. They only need a water airiator, 5+ gallon tank, and tropical fish food or any other fish food of your chooseing that fits there needs! These fish are brightly colored males and females that have the rare white and pink trait and are spotted! They are very fun to watch fluttering around there tank and if you choose to breed them the baby’s are very fun to take care of and don’t require a lot! Just send a message or a comment and I’ll get right with you about your future new fish!:) (If you want just one gender in your package please request in advance) And thank you guys so much for over 25 orders!:) Because this is a fish breeding business whenever we sell our fish we don’t mark it as sold because we always have more! Only items will be marked.

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