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Wyze Smart Sprinkler System


Ships for $11.99

Posted 2 months ago in Largo, FL

Condition: New

Home & Garden - Home improvement - Other - Home improvement

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Wyze Smart Sprinkler System
Wyze Smart Sprinkler System
Wyze Smart Sprinkler System

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This is a wyze smart sprinkler system with multiple zones and it will fully connect to your smart home or you can run it from wherever you are there's an app that allows you to turn it on so the why system connects to a Wi-Fi connection and you can turn it on and off from work or wherever you are being maybe you took a vacation and you're far away but it's been no rain so you feel you need to water your plants or your grass and give some extra water then you're able to do so. I have this system hooked up in my home and I travel a lot to do and while I'm gone and if I'm on my cameras I can see that the plants themselves aren't getting enough water or the grass so I can go ahead and add an extra cycle to my system and increase the water flow and the thing is just awesome. They sell new at Home Depot for about $90 and these are brand new systems so you're getting one hell of a deal

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