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Litter Robot 3 LR3C-1000 for Sale in Silverdale, WA - OfferUp

Litter Robot 3 LR3C-1000


Posted about 2 months ago in Silverdale, WA

Condition: Used (normal wear)

Pet supplies - Other - Pet supplies

Litter Robot 3 LR3C-1000
Litter Robot 3 LR3C-1000


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Purchased this item for my Dad when changing his cat’s litter stopped being something he could do easily. It worked very well for a couple weeks but his deteriorating medical conditions required him to move into a full-service facility and he decided he didn’t want to bring his cat where it couldn’t freely roam indoors and out and be mostly confined to his unit. But the new home we found for her already has 2 full grown cats and this litter robot isn’t really meant for more than 2 max. But it works fantastically, very simple, connects to wifi, so you know if it’s been interrupted or is full, and it’s the easiest one of its kind to empty out and re-line.

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