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Makeup Brushes 15 Set for Sale in Garden Grove, CA - OfferUp

Makeup Brushes 15 Set


Ships for $3.49

Last updated about 1 month ago in Garden Grove, CA

Condition: New

Health & Beauty - Makeup & Cosmetics - Makeup sets

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Makeup Brushes 15 Set
Makeup Brushes 15 Set
Makeup Brushes 15 Set

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This set includes unique brushes to help create an array of different looks. Different shapes and sizes of the bristles allow you to create a variety of looks while providing perfectly polished makeup styles. The most organized and elegant way to carry your make-up and cosmetics. Washable with No Dye Run. Intended for makeup enthusiasts, the creative possibilities are endless. Specifications: Material: Nylon hair + aluminum alloy + plastic Quantity: 15 pcs Color: Black

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