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“tamara” prom dress (abyss by abby) for Sale in Nashville, TN - OfferUp

“tamara” prom dress (abyss by abby)


Ships for $7.99

Last updated about 2 months ago in Nashville, TN

Condition: Used (normal wear)

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“tamara” prom dress (abyss by abby)
“tamara” prom dress (abyss by abby)
“tamara” prom dress (abyss by abby)

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abyss by abby


navy sequined dress, it’s pretty long i’m 5’10 and still had a pretty long train to carry. it was only worn for 3 hours at most and has since been in a protective dress bag which if bought the dress will be packed in. offers welcome! dress measurements ; 35in/90 cm - bust 28in/73 cm - waist 36in/93 cm - hip

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