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Aero coast Pro EFB + Cooler for Sale in Olmsted Falls, OH - OfferUp

Aero coast Pro EFB + Cooler


Ships for $14.49

Posted about 2 months ago in Olmsted Falls, OH

Condition: Used (normal wear)

Sports & Outdoors - Other - Sports & Outdoors

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Aero coast Pro EFB + Cooler
Aero coast Pro EFB + Cooler
Aero coast Pro EFB + Cooler
Aero coast Pro EFB + Cooler
Aero coast Pro EFB + Cooler

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All Aerocoast cooler bags have multiple layers of foam type insulation infused to an additional rigid layer for enhanced durability and temperature control. Aerocoast does not use cardboard materials in our bags like other crew bags companies. Eat healthy and save money on the road and in the skies. We have worked jointly with professional flight and cabin crews to design a highly usable product to meet most if not all your requirements.

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