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First Base Mitt , 12" for Sale in Whittier, CA - OfferUp

First Base Mitt , 12"


Posted about 2 months ago in Whittier, CA

Condition: Used (normal wear)

Sports & Outdoors - Team sports - Baseball & Softball

First Base Mitt

, 12"
First Base Mitt

, 12"
First Base Mitt

, 12"
First Base Mitt

, 12"


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Wilson A0500 Advantage Series: First Base Mitt 12" For the right handed thrower Glove is broken in, and ready for the field. Wilson A0500 Advantage Series. It uses Wilsons Exclusive ECCO Leather for better strength and durability. Unsurpassed for comfort & quality, ECCO leather is the ideal materia. This glove Conforms to the players hand for greater comfort and control. The ECCO Leather gives you a personalized fit that forms to your own hand. The Ultra-breathable lining transfers moisture from the skin, keeping your hand cool and dry and comfortable. The A0500 Advantage Series was designed for extreme durability and excellent performance. This glove is ready to play as soon as you hit the field. Closed Back with Velcro Strap Exclusive ECCO Leather EZ Fit System EZ Snap Closing System Broke in Ready to Play Single Post Web 12.00 Inch First Base Pattern Description

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