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Small Snail Vase Tank


Posted 3 months ago in Springfield, VA

Condition: Used (normal wear)

Pet supplies - Pet carriers & Houses - Aquariums & Tank decor

Small Snail Vase Tank
Small Snail Vase Tank
Small Snail Vase Tank
Small Snail Vase Tank
Small Snail Vase Tank
Small Snail Vase Tank
Small Snail Vase Tank


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Jarrarium with mini ramshorn snails and hornwort for $20 I set up this jarrarium on June 14th. I have waited to see it for observation purposes, such as to see if the mini ramshorn snails could survive ok without a heater, or just to see how much food they would be happy with. I used water from an established tank to help get this jarrarium to cycle quicker. It does not use any electricity (zero tech tank) however I would advise you to keep the tank in sunlight. Snails eat algae, so putting this jarrarium in direct sunlight will help with algae production. For the mini ramshorn snails, I think that they are actually different than regular ramshorns snails. These mini ramshorn snails will never grow to be the size of regular ramshorn snails, and the shells of the mini ramshorn snails is different than the shells of regular ramshorn snails. The shells of the mini ramshorn snails are kind of flat, like a pancake. I personally like to call them pancake snails. I keep the jarrarium in the basement, so the tank water obviously is not going to be very warm. I think that the cooler water temperature helps slow the growth of the hornwort, which is known to be an extremely fast growing plant in warmer temperatures. I can also give you a small amount of fish food that you can use to feed the mini ramshorn snails. There really is not that much fish food in the fish food container. I think that the pancake snails also eat the biofilm that develops on the stagnant water surface

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