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Set of 3 Barbell 16 Gauge | Stainless Steel - NEW


This is a Box of NEW Pagoda Piercing jewelry store earring! Material: Stainless Steel Material. Gauge size: 16G Post style: Straight Barbell with Ball end Thread: Internally Threaded. Length: 5/16" Gem size: 4mm Colors: Finish color are yellow gold, silver, and bronze or copper gold as you can view on the picture. Gems colors are Clear / White, Blue / Turquoise, & Purple. These earrings are excellent for healed piercing when pierced with a needle. The barbell style is ideal because it doesn't poke you when sleeping and with newer piercings you can't remove the jewelry or it'll close very quick. I have 2 boxes if interested in making a set and buying the pair. Otherwise sold as singles as shown. Regular earrings are 20g slightly smaller. Arete Pierce Stud Pierced Piercing Ear Jewelry Plata Joya Labret Prong Lip Cartilage Helix Lobe Valentine’s ❤️ Heart

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Set of 3 Barbell 16 Gauge | Stainless Steel - NEW


Ships for $7.49

Posted about 2 months ago in Miami, FL

Condition: Open Box (never used)

Sports & Outdoors - Exercise

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