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2000 Toyota 4Runner



198,000 Miles

17/21 MPG

Rear-Wheel Drive
regular unleaded
Clean title

Last updated about 1 month ago in Colorado Springs, CO

Condition: Good

Vehicles - Cars & Trucks

2000 Toyota 4Runner
2000 Toyota 4Runner
2000 Toyota 4Runner
2000 Toyota 4Runner
2000 Toyota 4Runner
2000 Toyota 4Runner


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Service Records Available Recent replacements: 3/29/2021-08/12/2022 08/12/22 test inspection (fuel pump) 07/2922 transmission service fluid exchange & rejuvenate, test & inspection, remove & replace HVAC blend door actuator 07/29/22 alignment, rotation & oil change 02/10/22 spark plugs 02/07/22 headlights, alignment, drain & fill transmission 02/02/22 remove & replace valve cover gasket and pan gasket, oil change (engine oil filter), inspection 01/25/22 safety inspection, degrease service 01/24/22 tire rotation, cooling system flush, oil change 11/22/21 inspection, headlight bulb replacement 11/20/21 windshield replacement 09/03/21 oil change, safety inspection 08/31/21 oil change 08/26 alignment, inspection 08/19/21 rear shock absorbers, inspection 08/18/21 tire replacements 08/16/21 front lower control arms and ball joins assemblies, alignment, safety inspection, front strut assemblies 07/05/21 test & inspect level 1 diagnostic and courtesy inspection 04/05/21 power steering rack and pinion w/outer tie rods, power steering flush - red, alignment 04/05/21 courtesy inspection 03/29/21 convention yellow units (tire pressures, fluid level adjust/top off, rear parking break adjust, oil and filter change, tire rotation, replaced dual sage filter and drain plug gasket, multipoint inspection and recall check (none) Previous owner service records also on hand: 11/19/2019-03/16/2021 03/16/21 multipoint inspection 03/13/21 switch assembly, neutral replaced & position park/neutral switch test 11/26/20 battery replacement 11/20/20 alternator replacement 11/29/20 replace starters 9/17/20 front break pads, front lower ball joints, turn break rotors, right & left lower ball joints 08/10/20 valve assembly 08/04/20 sensor throttle 07/23/20 rear sensor oxygen and front sensor air fuel 07/22/20 cable assy thr and acc 07/20/20 cable assy thr 07/14/20 pad kit disc br 07/09/20 screw 12/07/2019 engine oil cooler seal, thermostat and gasket 11/19/2019 u joint

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