Blythe's Story

Blythe and her family recently purchased a home after losing their previous house during the recession. Blythe loves decorating and frequently attends antique shows in search of pieces to spruce up her home.

Her first OfferUp find was a recliner for only $40. Since then, she’s purchased over 30 other items to furnish her home. One of her best finds was a 600-pound patio bar that took 4 big guys and a cringing wife to move.

Blythe’s most recent project was her daughter’s bedroom. When her daughter Stephanie went off to college, Blythe redecorated her entire bedroom with furniture from OfferUp. She even added a personal touch by painting the headboard and dresser.

“Now that I use OfferUp, I don’t even want to pay the prices at antique shops because I can find better prices on OfferUp! I also love the community that OfferUp has developed. I met some people who are very trusting and have even left the items on their doorstep.”
–Blythe from Glendale, Arizona

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Robin's Story

In 2012, Robin’s mom passed away leaving Robin with her jewelry business. Although Robin is artsy, she did not share the same passion for making jewelry. Thus, Robin was stuck with over 20 boxes of beads, chains, pliers, crystals, and semi precious stones that she didn’t know the value of.

At first, Robin slowly sold her jewelry on Ebay, but she found that shipping the jewelry was a hassle. Now, Robin sells her jewelry to local buyers on OfferUp!

Although Robin holds a dear appreciation for jewelry, she aspires to own a successful art business. She received her bachelors in Fine Art and currently teaches art classes at a community center. Robin recently applied for her business license, and plans to sell her paintings and teach private art lessons for a living.

To date, Robin has made over $1000 on OfferUp! With this supplemental income, Robin has been able to hire a web designer to create her website, buy extra supplies, and hire a professional photographer to make a promotional video for her art business. Now, Robin has privately tutored two students in addition to selling her art pieces.

“OfferUp has given me an opportunity to gain extra income. I love the app because it’s so easy to post, and you can sell immediately!”
–Robin from Scottsdale, Arizona

Robin sees her art as a tradition passed down from mother to daughter. For her and her mom, their passion for the arts is a way of life.

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Chris's Story

“Kids grow so fast. When my two kids were only toddlers, I bought them a tricycle and a pedal-less bike balancer. When they got bigger, we moved on to 16-inch two wheelers. It was so much fun teaching them how to balance by holding on to the bike seat as I ran along side them. As of now, they’ve graduate to full 20-inch wheels with hand brakes. When we got them new bikes, the old ones just took up space in our garage. Luckily, I found OfferUp. I was able to quickly post a picture of each bike and sell them within a few weeks! In no time, we will be buying larger bikes again and I’ll be able to clear out my garage using OfferUp.”
–Chris from Bolingbrook, Illinois

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Greg's Story

“I started selling birdhouses on OfferUp a couple of months ago after speaking with a friend of mine who thought I would find success on OfferUp! I started making the houses a few years ago out of the old stuff that I got from my dad when he passed away. I wanted his memory to stay alive through these birdhouses. All the proceeds I make help fund my son Ty's WSU experience. I've sold a bunch of birdhouses and I'm stoked about it!”
–Greg from Puyallup, Washington

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Heidi's Story

“We have been so happy with OfferUp! Our baby girl, Halei, has so many gently loved toys because of this amazing app! We constantly use OfferUp for baby toys, clothes, furniture, and other things, too! It's truly the best app ever!”
–Heidi from Phoenix, Arizona

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Krystal's Story

“I have been using OfferUp for about two years, but there is one experience that stands out from the rest. Last summer, my daughter fell in love with a pink play kitchen from Costco after hers had to be thrown away due to wear and tear. Towards the end of October, I went to pick it up and they were all out - in the entire state of Arizona. By then, she had already asked Santa for kitchen so I started looking at other stores such as Toys ‘R’ Us. I found one that was great and came with a ton of features, but it cost almost two hundred dollars. As we got closer to Christmas, my husband and I began saving up. One day, I almost bought the kitchen, but my husband asked that I wait a few days, and keep looking. Later that evening, I was browsing OfferUp and sure enough, someone was selling the same pink play kitchen with even more accessories for $60. I am so thankful and I can honestly say OfferUp saved Christmas!”
–Krystal from Mesa, Arizona

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